Kanye West Leaves TIDAL Over Money Dispute. Company Threatens Legal Action

Duel lawsuits between Kanye West and the company he helped to put on the map, TIDAL, could be forthcoming.

TMZ reports that West has left JAY-Z’s company in a money dispute. The “Blame Game” rapper claims he’s owed more than $3 million. He says the company reneged on 2 crucial parts of his contract. It allegedly failed to reimburse him for music videos and backed out of an agreement to pay him a bonus when his “The Life of Pablo” album generated 1.5 million new subscribers, for the music streaming service.

Within the last month Kanye’s legal team informed TIDAL that they were in breach of their client’s contract, forcing him to bolt. The two sides attempted to work out the issues, but failed to come to an agreement. A second letter was then sent to TIDAL reaffirming West’s position.

TIDAL claims West never delivered the videos and is threatening to sue him if he enters into an agreement with one of its competitors. In a letter sent to the G.O.O.D. Music CEO, he was informed by TIDAL that they still consider his exclusive contract to be valid. 

West says he has no plans to sign another exclusive deal with any other music streaming service, and will deliver the music videos once he’s paid.

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